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Beth O'Leary

I am an evolving womxn.

I’m a novelty seeker, flitting from one idea, thought, fancy, whim and adventure to another, in the hope of finding ways to do life differently, better, more beautifully. Lucky to be journeying with (and sometimes dragging along) my lovely family. Fists of Five instagram

What's easy for womxn?

It’s easy to conform but its not going to get us the life we truly desire.

What's difficult for womxn?

About 8 years ago, I decided to leave my job in nursing to fully focus on my three daughters. Being able to do this has been a gift but it has sometimes been met with criticism and head-scratching. I think this is a path that unfortunately requires constant justification, particularly in today’s political climate.

How do you maintain mental fitness/mental health?

I am a believer of ‘slow living’ and have followed this for some years now. For me, this means being more present and intentional, taking care of self and making time for what is important. I believe this has contributed to my overall mental fitness. This also led me to meditation and other alternate practices which I am always open to try, to keep balance in my life.

What brings you joy?

Doing anything creative brings me joy and if I can share it with someone else, it triples the joy!

How do you nurture your relationship with nature?

In 2019, my family of 5 set off on an adventure, travelling Australia in our caravan. It was an opportunity to connect with each other on a different level but what came through strongly for me, was how deeply I fell in love with Australia. I discovered such beauty in the vastness and the aloneness that comes from taking the road less travelled. I miss waking up every day, in a different place, with no plan but to follow my nose. I truly lived and loved each day of that year.

Where do you feel a sense of belonging/community?

I think community is what you make it. I felt so passionate in my role as a stay-at-home-mum that for 5 years, I hosted an event in Brisbane called Mummapalooza, which was essentially an end of year party for women just like me, who had no work drinks or office party, no bonus or promise of promotion…maybe just a nativity play at kindy to round out the year. We were over 400 women raising thousands of humans and that was something to celebrate and worthy to be a part of.

More recently, I found a sense of belonging with other travelling families on our lap around Australia. Where we once felt alone in what we were embarking on became full and rich when we met other families who had decided to take a reprieve from the daily grind. I think as we grow and change, so do the people that we surround ourselves with.

Where do you live/work?

I live and work in Brisbane, Turrbal Jagera country.

What motivates you?

To create a life that is beautiful.



We couldn't agree more with Beth's assertion that " community is what you make it". That's why WomxnConnect exists to nurture an uplifting respectful community. Thank you for being part of WomxnConnect. We are grateful that womxn are willing to open their hearts to this endeavour.

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