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Nicole Duyst

I am an adventurous and curious womxn.

What's easy and difficult for womxn?

I think that there are as many differences between woman as there are commonalities and can only speak about myself and womxn I know. Personally, in my mentoring with female artists I see such incredible talents contrasted with fears around sharing creativity, but also a desire to connect and that overrides hesitation. There is a tenuous dance between introspection during the act of creating, and the need to embrace extroversion in releasing the products of our creativity to others. I see womxn of incredible strength, beauty, and humour that draw wisdom from challenges and joy from accomplishment and connection.

How do you maintain mental fitness/emotional health?

I use humour often to stay positive, once I can laugh at something it removes some of the power. Creativity is something that has supported and nurtured me from a very young age. Art often speaks the truth when words fail.

What brings you joy and vitality?

Continuing to learn, being open to new experiences, meeting new people and approaching life with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

How do you nurture your relationship with nature?

When I am able, I love to spend time in nature. I am drawn to the ocean and live close by so morning walks are a wonderful way to keep grounded.

Where do you feel a sense of belonging/community?

I have always been a bit of a gypsy and move often so community to me is a patchwork of wonderful people I meet along the way. I have no expectations of others and enjoy the interaction we have whether it’s one day or a lifetime. Belonging to me is about a sense of connection with a person and meeting in a place of openness and trust. I take these relationships with me where ever I go.

Where do you live/work?

Currently in Mackay Queensland, the Yuwibara people are the custodians of the lands that make up our region, who knows where next!

What’s the best piece of advice from a woman you have received?

If you don’t know what you want to do, just try things, you can’t figure it out by thinking. It’s a process of doing.

Who was / is an influential woman in your life and why?

My Aunt Gabrielle is a powerful, intelligent woman who was an editor in the 1960s, when this was the world of men. She taught me there are endless possibilities and to live without self-limitation. I worked with Lisa when I managed art galleries and I was full of energy, ideas, and drive. She taught me to embrace passion, patience, and to nurture others to create beautiful experiences.



My discovery of Nicole was through humour. I came across her risible illustrated book for sale in a Sandgate cafe. Titled, I WISH I HAD A PENIS, it "is dedicated to the silly, hilarious, ridiculous things men do that drive women crazy!". My friends and I guffawed as we flicked through the pages.

The sound of women laughing together makes me feel happy. Have you noticed how conversations can swing from intense and serious to finding the absurd in a situation then cackling with delight to release tension? Such a simple way to connect and heal. Feminist Bookshops definitely have a humour section!


Nicole's Bio

I am a lover of colour, animals and nature and I particularly adore Australian landscapes and plants. I create intuitively and often the painting finds me through experimentation and relaxing into the flow. Often featuring native flowers, animals and always featuring colour and lots of it. These designs make their way to a range of products including scarves, bags and homewares. My work is featured in private and public collections and I am available for commissions.

I have been involved in the arts management space for over ten years; managing art galleries, public arts and professional development. I love to be able to assist other creatives and offer coaching and creative development services to artists and organisations.

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