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When I woke up this morning I could feel tension in my heart, I’ve had a week of witnessing distress. So I thought about what would make me feel better, I knew it should be a heart-centred practice. The song I Release Control by Alexa Sunshine Rose popped into my head. It’s a harmonic seven minute mantra that I was introduced to by Jess Jasch. I decided to play it three time as my morning meditation.

As I sang along to the first play through I could feel sadness welling up and a heaviness in my chest. Placing my hand on my heart gave me comfort, along with acknowledging to myself that in this moment all is well. Voice breaking, I continued to sing along quietly, letting Alexa’s voice wash over me, soothing me.

By the third time my hands, seemingly of their own accord, opened away from my heart at the line “I release control”, returning to my heart at “of love that will heal me.” Feeling the vibrations from singing in my chest allowed the tension to loosen. Towards the last part of the song my body started swaying from side to side, introducing the sensation of ease.

Deciding to play it through a fourth time - singing, swaying, moving my hands, feeling the vibrations - all together brought me a lightness of being. I was reminded of the trauma research by Bessel van der Kolk that illustrates how The Body Keeps the Score and also Bruce D. Perry’s work that asserts that rhythmic activities support self-regulation.

It was enlightening to experience the wisdom of my body intuitively moving to help me regulate myself and to realise how often it is true that in this moment all is well. May all be well with you also - in this moment.

Perhaps you'd like to listen and let us know about what you experience.

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