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Welcome to WomxnConnect

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Happy International Women’s Day!

We are thrilled to launch WomxnConnect on this auspicious day.

Why womXn?

The word woman literally means ‘of men’. We choose to use the word womxn to be inclusive and to affirm women’s autonomy.

Why WomxnConnect?

The first International Women’s Day was in 1975 and yet in 2021 much work still needs to be done.

Last year in the uncertainty of the pandemic, we wondered what we could do to improve the quality of life for womxn in our community who, like us, were feeling disconnected and joyless.

We talked about how art is, for us, a powerful tool for healing and joy. We started a series of workshops called The Joy of Artful Engagement which were effective in generating a feeling of wellbeing for our participants. This energised us to create a movement of change using art, mindfulness and uplifting, respectful stories about Womxn.

How will WomxnConnect work?

By providing a creative, welcoming space for womxn who choose to find their sense of self, place, and belonging by immersing themselves in community.

WomxnConnect will intentionally nurture:

  • art & cultural practices for healing & joy

  • relationships with nature & the environment

  • alliances with women across all cultures

Moving forward, we will regularly email newsletters featuring profiles of womxn and uplifting stories about womxn. We are planning more workshops and have explored options with community organisations such as The Community Place and Adderton House.

Please subscribe to WomxnConnect and send us your stories.

Lisa and Donna

Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald

Donna McDonald, writer, disability studies lecturer and art therapist, works to facilitate people’s improved understanding of their identity and belonging through arts-based practices.

Lisa Behan
Lisa Behan

Lisa Behan, collaborative creator, researches the ways in which art has a positive impact on health with her focus on the calming and restorative benefits of nature. With her deep concern for the rise of anxiety in our hyper-connected world, Behan’s work strives to enrich society with the solace of natural patterns and rhythms.


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